Our Company

Indratech, North America’s leading manufacturer of advance fiber materials, is a technology-based company with a clear and crucial mission: to offer an effective replacement for old-fashioned cushioning products that is safer, more eco-friendly and reduces the problems associated with recycling or disposal.


changing the market

Indratech's products are equally suited for traditional, flat product applications such as mattress pads or bench seating, as well as complex, 3-D parts molded for highly unique applications such as aircraft, automotive, RV or boat interiors and luxury furniture.

patented technology

Indratech currently holds numerous patents for the manufacturing process required to produce this unique fiber product—and Indratech is the only manufacturer of this type of elastomeric material in North America. IPF is suitable for any application where FOAM has historically been used such as seating, bedding, acoustical panels and many others.

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Optimal Geography

With plants in various locations, Indratech offers fast and lost cost freight.