Performance Systems

Performance Systems.jpg

Indratech's Performance Systems™ are made up of Performance Fiber and Indura Spring. By marrying these two technologies, we are addressing the issues of firmness retention loss and height loss. Performance Fiber provides a soft comfort layer while Indura Spring™ provides a supportive core.

By utilizing the best characteristics of our proprietary performance fiber and polymer blends we are able to provide unique solutions in a multitude of applications.


Performance Fiber is illustrated by red dots below.

indura spring is illustrated by black dots below.

 Reasons for Implementing a Performance System™:

  • Adjustable Comfort Level
    • For example, putting a soft Performance Fiber topper over an Indura Spring™ core creates a plush feel while retaining the ideal performance properties.
  • Cost Reduction
    • By incorporating Performance Fiber toppers on both the top and bottom of a cushion or mattress instead of Indura Spring™ would help reduce cost.
  • Increase Performance
    • Indura Spring™ and Performance Fiber work better together as a unit than either product by itself.